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Action Aquapark is a place offering over 30 attractions for all ages.
Cruise along the coast, art program, animation, fishing, swimming, sunbathing and having fun. Barbecue with grilled fish, salads, fruit, wine, beer and soft drinks.
Rila Monastery – 2 days Rila Monastery is the largest and most famous monastery in Bulgaria, located in the mountains at 1147 meters above sea level.
The Rose Valley is a valley in central Bulgaria, between Sredna Gora and Stara Planina near the city of Kazanlak. The unique climate makes the roses in this place bloom so beautifully and their fragrance is stunning.
Istanbul – 2 days Day I 1:00 – Departure from Sunny Beach 7:00 – Arrival in Istanbul 8:00 – Sightseeing
If you need relaxation and soothing sea waves this is something for you.
It is an extremely picturesque place with rich vegetation. It is ideal for those seeking respite in the lap of nature.
Veliko Tarnovo – Valley of the Thracian Kings Also called the City of the Tsars, one of the oldest cities in Bulgaria. Symbol of Bulgarian independence
Bulgarian evening is national style and typical Bulgarian atmosphere in a nutshell.