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Are you in love with hot Bulgaria, where you go on vacation every year? Do you dream about finally being able to afford a long-term rental of an apartment or buying an apartment in Sunny Beach? You've come to the right place! We are a company offering comprehensive support in the sale, purchase and rental of real estate in Bulgaria, but not only. In addition, we also organize transfers to the airport, optional trips, and we also support renovation and servicing of apartments. Importantly, our clients can also take advantage of professional legal services including full care of real estate, legal consultations and a number of other services related to the purchase of an apartment in Bulgaria.

Property prices in Bulgaria - why is it worth working with a proven company?

Due to the complex nature of buying a flat or a house, especially abroad, it is good to delegate all formalities to experienced specialists who are perfectly familiar with the realities of a specific real estate market. We are well-versed not only in the prices of objects, but also have comprehensive knowledge about various regions of Bulgaria, we know many local stories, and we are not afraid of official activities related to the purchase or sale. Would you like to have your own house in Bulgaria or an apartment in Sunny Beach? Are you interested in professional real estate appraisal, support in negotiations and professional advice? Contact a representative of our company today!

Buying an apartment in Bulgaria - it's very easy with us!

As a group of specialists experienced in the Bulgarian real estate market, we provide comprehensive services in the field of brokerage in the purchase, sale or rental of flats, houses and apartments. Bulgaria has no secrets for us, so we can easily advise or support our clients in making even the most difficult business decisions. In addition, we also organize optional trips, transfers to the airport, and in addition, we guarantee professional legal services and mediation in the rental of holiday apartments. Visit sunny Bulgaria, fall in love with golden sand, turquoise water and unique views from the window. We look forward to working with you!

We are a Polish company offering full service to guests and investors in Bulgaria, specifically in Sunny Beach. We deal with:

  • sale and purchase of apartments,
  • rental of apartments,
  • airport transfers,
  • optional trips,
  • renovation and servicing of apartments,
  • full legal service.

Please do not hesitate to contact us!