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The valley of roses

The Rose Valley is a valley in central Bulgaria, between Sredna Gora and Stara Planina near the city of Kazanłyk.
Geologically, it consists of two valleys in the upper reaches of the Tundja and Strjama rivers.
It owes its name to the plantations of rose bushes, which have been used to produce rose oil for centuries.
The unique climate made the roses in this place bloom so beautifully, and their scent is stunning.
Roses can be grown anywhere, but only those from the Rose Valley are unique, it is Bulgarian roses that are an ingredient of many types of French perfumes.
Roses are collected for only three weeks, then the precious oil with a unique aroma is distilled from the flowers.
Three thousand flowers are needed to make one gram of the oil.


7:00 - Departure from Sunny Beach
10:00 - Arrival in the city of Kazanlak
A visit to the museum and the Thracian Tomb, entered on the UNESCO list
12:00 - Arrival in the city of Shipka, visiting the Church
Ascending the peak of Shipka and admiring the magnificent landscapes from the top. Visiting the Freedom Monument, lunch
14:00 - Departure to the Etara architectural and ethnographic complex
Visiting the museum and free time
16:30 - Departure to Sunny Beach

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