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Aquapark - sunny shore

Action Aquapark offers over 30 different water attractions for all ages and tastes. The park has a restaurant, ice cream parlor, several bars and a souvenir shop.

The designers thought about families visiting the water park and thanks to this, every parent and children will find entertainment for themselves.

In the water park you will find 13 pools, as well as the largest slide, 18 m high and 120 m long. The speed of the slide is over 60 km per hour.

The following slides provide unforgettable impressions: Kamikaze, the mysterious Black Hole, Niagara Falls or the Island of Adventure.

In the wave pool we will feel like in the sea, and true relaxation will be provided by the gentle stream of the 330 meter Lazy River.

The hosts took care of the youngest visitors, and in a special program, children take part in games and water games.

If you think that these are all the attractions, then you are wrong. The aquapark invites children to the Animal Park, with a dozen or so species of animals: ponies, dwarf goats, mini pigs, emus and even a peacock.

More details on the official website of the aquapark (click).

The season at Action Aquapark starts in May and ends in September.